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How I can help you


I offer freelance employee wellbeing consultancy acting as an extension of your People and Culture Team.  Typical consultancy projects include:

  1. Employee Engagement-  Many wellbeing programmes fail because employees aren’t engaged in them or even aware they exist.  Consistent and engaging strategies, campaigns and communications are essential to contribute to the impact of all the wonderful things you are trying to embed into your culture.  My internal communications and wellbeing campaigns are received by employees with integrity and sincere authenticity, sparking motivation, education and engagement around wellbeing.
  2. Insight & Employee Sentiment- Understanding how your people feel about their own wellbeing and your workplace is imperative before developing or optimising a wellbeing programme.  I develop bespoke Employee Wellbeing & Engagement Surveys, take care of the communications which go along with it, and analyse the data and learnings.  I produce a report and present this back to senior leadership along with my recommendations.
  3. Wellbeing Culture Transformation– Culture is the leading factor affecting people’s engagement and performance at work.  In this project, I would work on projects such as insights, defining objectives & strategic priorities, identifying the change agents, campaign development and delivery, policy reviews, marketing and evaluation processes.
  4. Annual Wellbeing Programme- If you know all the facts and just want someone to come in and design and deliver a year-long series of wellbeing events and campaigns, then this project would be the perfect choice.
  5. Office Design– As a WELL Building Standard Accredited Professional, I know the significant impact your office building and its design has on your people.  With people reluctant to return to the office since the COVID outbreak, you must ensure your work space is safe and designed for wellbeing to be assured it will promote employee confidence, great health and high performance. I project manage entire new office builds alongside architects and professionals, office renovations or simply advise on how to re-design office space through a wellbeing lens.


I curate and deliver bespoke and innovative Wellbeing Experiences that will engage, excite and energise your people. From cooking masterclasses designed around eating for brain health to boutique breathing classes to reduce stress and anxiety, I curate experiences around your culture and what your employees need to know and the lifestyle they need to adopt for you to achieve your key business objectives. The ‘Experience’ package includes an initial consultancy session to ensure I am focusing the experience on right areas for optimal ROI. Example formats include:

  1. Wellness Weeks & Events- I design inspiring experiences in your offices, either for a wellness week or for a one-off event.  I work with leading experts and guest speakers, who I regularly monitor for quality control, to deliver seminar, workshops, pop-ups, food tastings and experiential classes for your business.
  2. Health Screens- As a former Health Advisor at Bupa Wellness for senior banking executives I deliver scaled down mini versions of these health screens on-site, which include physical health checks, a mental health check in, wellbeing advice and a personalised report for each employee.
  3. Wellbeing Away Days- Partnering with my sister company, The Conscious Coach, we design and deliver transformational corporate away days at our wellbeing space in our beautiful organic Christmas tree estate in Bromley, Kent. We create experiences with learnings and realisations which will truly impact your life positively.
  4. Concierge- I supply the best wellbeing professionals in the industry to you either on an adhoc or continuous basis. I pride myself on quality and I only partner with the best, qualifying them regularly through quality control assessments and employee feedback. My partners include everything from financial wellbeing experts, nutritionists, breathwork masters, medicinal chefs, self-development key note speakers and yoga teachers.

Coaching & Training

My sister company The Conscious Coach is a learning & development business designed to transform people’s lives through a unique method combining health, life and executive coaching and training based upon my co-founder Julian Hitch’s best-selling book `Winning Not Fighting`.

Our most sought after training course is “The Conscious Wellbeing Champion Programme”, which is a one-day transformational course focused purely on preventative health and high performance.  Internal wellbeing champions experience the skills and learn world-class advise on how to look after themselves and their colleagues whilst changing workplace culture.

Our most popular workshops with clients are:

  • How To Stay Relaxed In A Pandemic
  • How To Create Psychological Safety In An Uncertain World
  • How To Be Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

On an individual basis I coach employees looking to transform their lives.  Whether they are feeling lost in their career, struggling with a personal life event or looking to find purpose in life we have a formula which creates whatever success means for them.

I coach individuals who either come to The Conscious Coach directly or through their company, who fund their sessions. We only coach a limited number of clients for maximum results and new clients will be required to sign up through a discovery call and short application process.

Our Clients


Consultancy is based on a set day rate. Coaching starts from £150 per session.  Experiences and Events are bespoke therefore quotes are generated upon request. Concierge prices start from as little as £80. Please get in touch to find out more.