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How we can help you


We offer end-to-end employee wellness consultancy. This is based entirely around your business objectives. Typical examples include:

  1. War for Talent– We make sure your business is known as the Employer of choice to help you attract and retain top talent. We ensure high performers and employees with critical roles can work in a sustainable and effective way. We help you differentiate yourself from competitors.
  2. Reducing Absenteeism and Presenteeism– Quality of leadership and People management will make some of the biggest impacts to this common business challenge. We work together to identify the gaps in knowledge and experience and deliver training to ensure your front-line employees have the capability to support their teams.
  3. Wellbeing Culture– Learn how to establish a positive, open culture with excellent employee engagement. We work together to optimise your employee value proposition (EVP) and employer branding.
  4. Wellness Promotion– Drive awareness and adoption of new and existing wellbeing initiatives through a bespoke communications plan and targeted programmes to optimise utilisation and effect.
  5. Office Design– based on scientific findings changing your office design and layout will promote the health and performance of your employees. Rise Well can either project manage an entire office re-fit or work alongside architects and professionals to re-design the office through a wellbeing lens.


We curate and deliver bespoke and innovative Wellness Experiences that will engage, excite and energise your people. From cooking masterclasses designed around eating for brain health to boutique breathing classes to reduce stress and anxiety, we curate experiences around your culture and what your employees need to know and the lifestyle they need to adopt for you to achieve your key business objectives. The ‘Experience’ package includes an initial consultancy session to ensure we are targeting the right areas for optimal ROI. Example formats include:

  1. Wellness Weeks/ Wellness Days/ Annual Series of Events- we deliver inspiring experiences in your offices.  We work with leading experts and guest speakers and design workshops, pop-ups, food tastings, classes and seminars for your business.
  2. Wellness Fairs- experience a range of leading wellness brands, workout with fitness experts, sample healthy foods, enjoy some zen time in a pop-up meditation pod…all in the convenience of your office building.
  3. Wellness Travel- we offer this product as a highly sought after employee benefit or reward – Wellbeing Experiences that educate your employees on self-care are available in Chamonix and Verbier in conjunction with Rise Well.
  4. Client Events- client entertainment has changed- taking your clients to an experience with added value is the future- Wellbeing Experiences in Chamonix and Verbier are available from Rise Well.


We supply world-class wellbeing experts to your business on either an ad hoc, last minute or continuous basis. Frequent requests include:

  • Last minute yoga teacher cover
  • One-off meditation class
  • Regular massage therapists
  • Monthly cookery class run by a nutritional chef

Simply call or email us with any requests and we will connect you with our network of the most highly qualified and professional experts in the market.

Our Clients


Consultancy is based on a set day rate. We build our Experiences on a bespoke basis therefore quotes are given on request. Concierge prices start from as little as £50. Please get in touch to find out more.